The major road linkages connecting Jawaharlal Nehru Port with the hinterland road network are NH4B, NH4, NH17, NH 3, NH 8 and a State Highway 54.

The major road linkage connecting JNPT to its hinterland is as below:

National Highway 4B Eight Lane- This road connects NSFT with Mumbai and other important cities of Maharashtra and Gujarat.

National Highway 4B Eight Lane

National Highway 4- The port is connected through National Highway Number 4 through NH 4B. The linkage to NH 4 via Mumbai Pune Expressway, provides connectivity to industrial belt of Pune, Satara, Kolhapur and Southern States of India.

National Highway 4

National Highway 17- The state Highway number 66 links the port to National Highway number 17 which provides connectivity to Goa & Karnataka.

State Highway 54- This state Highway stretch connects Uran to Panvel. It runs more or less parallel to NH 4B. SH54 meets NH 4B at km 6/000 on the Uran side and km 21/000 on the Panvel side A number of container yards are located abutting SH54 and the majority of traffic on this road is due to the JNPT.

State Highway 54

National Highway 3 and 8- National Highway Number 4 (4 lanes with a portion of the highway being 8 lane) links port to NH 3 and NH 8 (4 lanes with a portion of the highway being 6 lanes) which provides connectivity to Nashik and Ahmedabad region.

National Highway 3 and 8National Highway 3 and 8